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I’ll help you take the guesswork out of styling so that you can feel exhilarated every day as you walk our your front door, knowing you look great before anyone tells you so (and most important, not caring if they don’t).

With the Exquisite Style framework, you can confidently create outfits, exciting looks, an efficient wardrobe, shop smarter and more, that actually works, without all the headache and spending a fortune on more items you don’t wear.

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One to One Mentoring

Want to fast track your style results?  Work privately with Tracey Erin and receive clear, specific step-by-step actions to take to avoid the pitfalls of putting your styling puzzle together. Bringing out the best in You.

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Group Mentoring

Online short courses you need to identify, refine and express your unique personal style and build the ideal wardrobe to match it.  Space is limited, to ensure personal attention, so join the waitlist today.

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Exquisite Times

Weekly articles sharing tips, stories and advice to build and expand styling success.  My number one goal is to inspire, support and empower you.



Style Stories

Journey with Tracey Erin as she explores all things personal image and styling, while sharing 20+ years of wisdom and practical no-fluff strategies.

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Are these 5 mistakes crimping your style?

Are some or all of these common mistakes costing you your image and style.  I love giving away valuable content.  This is a great place to start.   Make simple changes now.

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I’m Tracey Erin.

I believe your style is your visual voice.

I believe, to celebrate your own uniqueness and point of difference as something special (that everyone has), will build a new world, that adds to the life of everyone. Each one of us is like a fabric of many colourful threads woven together to make a pattern.  I would like to help you uncover and harness the threads that are your qualities, tastes, aspirations and lifestyle, bring them together in unity, to fashion your own unique style, and use the power of clothes to tell the world who you are and achieve your goals.

My history is a showcase of a long and winding journey beginning in early childhood knitting bikinis, I went on, explored cultures, design and style beyond fashion.  In 1998, prompts from a friend lead me to start up my own fashion retail business on the Gold Coast, Australia.  Which expanded into fashion design, manufacturing, wholesaling, styling fashion parades and running workshops on style. I have been dressing women from around the world for over 20 years, which stretched across a broad spectrum of women’s dressing needs and building capsule wardrobes to align with individual body types, lifestyles and tastes.  I also have expertise in understanding textiles, garment fit and construction.  This broad diversity and combination of skills has enabled me to grasp individualities and develop a styling system for all women to shine.

I never tell you what you should wear nor pass judgement.  I share with you my system, the principles of styling, and how to apply and work them for yourself which empowers you to turn your ideas into reality and solve dressing, image and fashion problems quickly, easily and work in fun and creative ways to reach your outcomes.  And it helps you build functional, streamlined wardrobes that bring your looks and style stories to life.  You’ll have the opportunity to create style that will transform your life.

I would love to help you with your style and image, so please do get in touch!

It’s time to let your style shine…